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We work on weekdays from 12:00 to 22:00 Beijing time

About company

AsiaOptom is a trading platform helping the entrepreneurs to make the wholesale purchases in a domestic market of China. When you make an order we buy the goods from different suppliers and consolidate them in our warehouses in China. After the compliance test we unite all the headings in one parcel which will be delivered to your city taking in account the duty costs.

> 10К
of the goods
of the floor space
of the warehouses

Our history

AsiaOptom company was founded in 2013 but the idea of the site which would open the access to the domestic market of China appeared much earlier. The founder Rushan Ginniyatov in person faced with all the troubles of the wholesale purchase from China for small businesses. Difficulties suddenly appeared on every stage from the negotiations with suppliers to delivery planning and custom clearance. Moreover, a business trip to China is quite expensive, that’s why the majority of entrepreneurs can’t allow themselves the regular trips and replace them with visits to the nearest warehouses in their country, but in such warehouses you can’t usually find any unique assortment.

The idea to create a trading platform helping to perform purchasing and delivery from China, passed a long way of evolution and nowadays transformed into a successful company named AsiaOptom. During our existence we got the unobstructed delivery on the right track, opened 2 warehouses in China and got hundreds of the steady customers in Russia and CIS.

In 2017 AsiaOptom enters the international market and provides all the English-speaking clients with opportunity to make the wholesale purchases in China.

Services of AsiaOptom

Turn-key ready delivery
of goods from China
Searching for suppliers
and buying goods
Compliance test
of the goods
Support for
the clients
and user-friendly site
Access to the platform
from any gadget

The founder of AsiaOptom

Rushan Giniyatov
the founder of AsiaOptom
In 2003 he graduated from NOSOV MAGNITOGORSK STATE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY With diploma in engineering of industry electronics.
In 2008 he founded the company “Rivers”LLC, in Ekaterinburg, which performed the industrial equipment supplies for the plants.
In 2010 he created the online-shop of “G2R” company which specialized in sales of vynil tinting filmю
n 2011 he founded the “G2R Company” Ltd. which specializes in import-export relationship between Russia and China.
In 2013 he opened the online trading platform AsiaOptom.com, allowing the entrepreneurs to make wholesale purchases for their business on the domestic market of China.

AsiaOptom Team

There are many young purposeful specialists in different spheres of knowledge in our team. Also the are high-leveled Chinese-speaking specialists in custom registration, certification and shipment organization.

Our office and how do we work.


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