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AsiaOptom performs worldwide shipping.
Important! The order cost is calculated just after you make it on our site. Cost of all the products in catalogue doesn’t include the shipping cost.
Shipping on the territory of China.
It is calculated on the stage of the order process. For this we contact every supplier to precise cost of the delivery to our warehouse in China. The final cost depends on the weight of the product and supplier location city.
Shipping from China to your city
It is calculated particularly for every order and depends on type, weight and volume of the product and also on the destination city location. The final cost includes custom clearance and fiscal dyties.

During the order process stage we calculate the preliminary shipping cost founded on the data about weight and dimensions of the products taken from the suppliers.
Delivery by the local shipping companies
It is calculated according to their own costs.
For the shipping of fragile products we can propose additional packaging variants: wooden box, wooden packaging cage or “double box”. All the cargos are insured for the case of lost.
Important! Calculation of the shipping cost can depend on the weight or volume. It depends on the density of cargo (kg/m3).
According it, the shipping of goods with light weight (garments, jewelry, domestic products, cosmetics) is calculated found on the weight. And for cargos with large dimensions (cars, furniture, utensil), it is calculated found on volume. When the calculation founded on volume the cost is most commonly higher.
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