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Guarantees - AsiaWholesale


Your trust comes first! That’s why our company aims at creation of the best electronic commerce platform on business with China.

• We perform a free search of suppliers and products as well as provide all available information on request of customers.

• We guarantee that the funds transferred by customers are used for purchase and delivery of products at the request of the customers.

• We set up delivery contract with legal entities and provide all closing documents including originals.

• We take real photos before sending the products to your country.

• If there is a discrepancy of products in warehouse we offer alternate solution of question of exchange or refund from the supplier to the order balance.

• In the case of deliver the fragile freight we offer possible options for protection of cargo containers. The freights are insured against loss.

Attention! AsiaOptom isn’t responsible if you don’t like the delivered products. AsiaOptom doesn’t provide the product warranty liabilities. Our company guarantees the delivery of products from the supplier to the recipient’s city.

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