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How to make an order? - AsiaWholesale

Sign In
To make an order sign in asia-wholesale.com and open the product catalogue.
Signing in video guide
Signing in video guide
While adding products to your cart pay attention to the button “All the products of this supplier” both on the products images and pages. This button leads to the page where you can see the whole assortment of the chosen supplier.
Choose not more than 10 suppliers per 1 order. This allows to make shipping cost lower and to shorten order process terms.
Suppliers search video guide
On the page of the product you can choose color and size. Also you can enter a comment for every product. To add the chosen product to your order click the button “Add to cart”.

When you add all the wanted products click the icon of the cart in the right upper corner of your screen to go for order making final part.

Here you should fill in 4 boxes (your name and last name, telephone number, destination city). Also you can upload your photo and enter a comment for the whole order or to some products in particular. Then click the button “To make an order”.

Right after you make the order it will be taken in process and the personal manager will contact you during 3 days to precise all the details. All the information concerning the order will appear in the chat with manager and copies of it will be sent to your e-mail.
Order making video guide
Order making video guide
In the section “My account” of your personal area you can read the detailed description of the payment options and choose the right one.

After confirming the total order cost which includes the shipping cost you should make the first part of payment. Details of the payment options.
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