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Privacy policy

The asiaoptom.com website Administration recognizes the rights of all visitors of our website guaranteed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation and generally recognized norms of international law (ratified by the Russian Federation), including all personal intangible human and civil rights and freedoms (right of privacy, right to own name (including the Institute for the protection of honor and dignity), rights to the results of intellectual activity, etc.). At the same time, the site administration recalls that the exercise of civil rights and freedoms should not violate the rights and freedoms of other parties (limit of the exercise of civil rights). The present regulation contains a list of information collected in relation to users of our site and developed to correct the behavior of site visitors regarding the information provided to them on this site.
The provisions of the present regulation applies only to information received directly by our site or through its intermediation and does not affect any other sites of third parties, including sites containing links to our site.

Information collection procedure

While visiting the site, the user's domain name and its geographic location are identified, as well as your selected page-to-page transitions (streaming activity of the transitions).

The collection of information on our website is carried out only in the interests of the users in order to provide them with the most convenient work on our site.

The process of collecting information on our website is based on the principles of free will and the volition of the respondent. During registration the user independently, consciously and voluntarily provides the site with information that allows identifying him as a particular user. The user has the right to view the site and extract from it meaningful information without registration, registration is necessary only in cases when the visitor want to make an order. After that, the user will have a personal area and he will be able to proceed to make an order.

The statistics, which leads our site, is carried out only in order to maximize the user's comfort on the website. For the statistics maintenance and recording is used the technology "cookies". In fact, cookies is just some textual information that is temporarily stored on the user's computer via the browser. The server can read the information contained in cookies and perform certain actions based on its analysis. For example, in the case of authorized access to cookies, the login and password are saved during the session that allows the user not to enter them again when requesting each document protected by a password. Cookies can contain data about downloads, recently visited pages, site-to-site transitions, but all this de jure is not personal information, as it does not allow to associate a user with a specific person that this user in reality is.

Any user has the right to refuse using the cookies on his personal computer; the motives for such a refusal can be very different and have absolutely no value. To do this, the user simply needs to change the browser's settings for cookies.

In addition to the above technology, our website also collects statistical information through standard web server accounting tools. This statistics is collected for the internal technical needs of the website itself in order to the further optimization, development and more effective administrating (for example: general data on the number of visitors visiting the site in a certain time unit). This activity of the website's management does not infringe on the confidential information of our visitors in any way, as the collected information about the actions on the website has absolutely impersonal nature, in other words, only quantitative data are collected in the form of arithmetic data without fixing any individualizing signs of specified users.

Responsibility provisions

According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation any legal liability (criminal, civil, administrative, disciplinary, etc.) occurs if there is a causal relationship between the subject of responsibility and the relevant offense. In this regard, the provisions of the present regulation does not cover cases of leakage of confidential information of users that resulted of the visit by these users of any other resources, regardless of whether these websites are linked to our site by any partnership relations or not, in other words, the present agreement only applies to the website - asiaoptom.com.

Final provisions

This document regulates the policy in the field of information protection on our website without being a variant of any agreement (including a public contract). The present regulation can be reviewed unilaterally by the management of the site. Any changes and additions to this provision come into force from the moment of their publication on the site. In this regard, we recommend that users of our site periodically monitor this document.

Sincerely, asiaoptom.com Administration

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