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Terms of service

The agreement on the provision of services by asiaoptom.com

AsiaOptom, hereinafter referred to as the "Administration of the website", and a capable natural or legal person registering on asiaoptom.com, further the "Customer" shall enter into the following agreement:

1. Terms and definitions

Client is a capable natural or legal person who makes Orders on asiaoptom.com website, or specified as the recipient of the Products, or using the Products purchased through (using) asiaoptom.com website. Administration of the website is the personal responsible for administrative issues in the activities of the organization's divisions, documentation and information support, controlling all the necessary business processes of the online store and also supporting the website in a technically in a satisfactory condition.

Seller is a person or organization that sells Products in China and the Autonomous territory of Hong Kong.

Internet service is an administered software package, which users of the Website get access through the Website interface, providing users with the following functionality:
- view information about Products and other information, materials posted by the Administration on the Website;
- select the products of interest (put in the «Cart»);
- register and authorize;
- make orders.

Online store is an Internet website that has an address on the Internet http://asiaoptom.com, which presents the products offered by Sellers (from Chinese and Hong Kong manufacturers) to their Customers for making orders, and also the terms of payment and delivery of these Orders to Customers.

Asiaoptom.com website is an information system placed on the Internet on a special computer (server). An information system is a combination of data, a range of data representations (mappings) and programs that manage these data and representations.

Product is individually defined thing made in China or Hong Kong, not withdrawn from civil turnover, sold by the Seller in China, Hong Kong and presented on asiaoptom.com website.

Order is the Application properly executed and paid by the Customer through asiaoptom.com website interfaceб containing the products, a group of products that the customer requests to purchase and send under the terms of this Agreement to the details specified in the application.

Application is a combination of Products formed by the Customer, placed in a cart with indication of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the Products.

Personal area is personal and not available to third parties section of the Website, which is accessed by the Customer by entering a personal login and password, which contains information about the Customers's orders, their payment and execution, the state of the personal account, and also provides the functionality of remote interaction of the Parties in the performance of the Agreement. Personal account is a personalized account of the Customer (username), which reflects the data of the automated system of accounting of the online store for making payments under this Agreement and the data on the balance of the Customer's funds transferred to the online store in real time.

Action is a combination of actions of www.asiaoptom.com website Administration, aimed at stimulating consumer demand for some products and conducted in order to attract the attention of potential Customers to the Product. The Action is not a game, lottery or other risk-based event.

External website is a website in the global Internet, which has available link on www.asiaoptom.com website.

2. General provisions

2.1. Asiaoptom.com service provides agency services for the order and purchase of products from Chinese and Hong Kong manufacturers and suppliers on behalf and in the interests of the Customer, under the terms of this Agreement.

2.2. These terms and Product information presented on the Website are a public offer.

2.3. The website Administration retains a Commission from the Customer for the provision of services, which not included in the cost of Products and delivery.

2.4. Asiaoptom.com website administration reserves the right to make changes to this Agreement, in this connection, the Customer undertakes to regularly monitor changes in the Agreement.

2.5. The customer agrees to the terms of this Agreement by clicking "Place an order" at the last stage of the application On the Website.

2.6. Additional information about the procedure for the provision of services by the website Administration and the use of the service by the Customer is published on the Website in the "delivery and payment" section.

3. Subject-matter of the agreement

3.1. The subject of this Agreement are the services of the Agency site for the registration of Customer Orders for the purchase and delivery of products of the Seller (manufactured and sold in China or Hong Kong) to the Customer or nominated by the recipient, by using the features of asiaoptom.com Website. Purchase made with the help of asiaoptom.com Website features, is a remote purchase of products directly in China or Hong Kong.

3.2. Asiaoptom.com Website administration undertakes to execute one or more transactions on its own behalf, on behalf of the Customer and for a fee, but at the expense of the Customer.

3.3. Website Administration services include:
a) the functioning of the Internet service asiaoptom.com through which the Client shall place an order and gets information about the execution of the order
b) purchase of ordered goods by the Customer from manufacturers whose products are presented in asiaoptom.com online store;
c) organization of processing, delivery, customs clearance and shipment of products to the Customer (order Recipient) under the terms of this Agreement;
d) providing advice on the use of asiaoptom.com Internet service by phone and through the use of the Website.

4. Registration on asiaoptom.com Website

4.1. To make an Order, the Customer should register on the Website. When registering, the Customer must provide the following information: Full Name, contact phone number and e-mail. Registration is considered complete only if all its stages are successfully completed. As a result of Registration, a Customer account, a personal account and a personal area are created. Notified when registration information may be subsequently changed by the Customer in the profile settings of the user. If during 365 days from the date of registration the buyer has not placed the order and has not paid for it, the registration data is removed from the Website.

4.2. The website administration is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the Customer during registration.

4.3. The customer undertakes not to disclose to third parties the login and password specified during registration. If the Customer has any suspicions about the security of his login and password or the possibility of their unauthorized use by third parties, the Customer undertakes to immediately notify asiaoptom.com website Administration.

5. Making an order

5.1. The customer's order can be issued by the Customer as independently on asiaoptom.com Website, and with the help of the website Administration through your personal account. The customer selects the Product on the Website and places it in the shopping Cart. The customer can delete and add Items in the shopping Cart before placing the order. Information about the orders is available to the Customer in His personal account. A customer placing an Order through the Service for the first time can view the text pages of the Website and the pages of The product catalog, can place Products in the "Cart", view the contents of his Cart, add or remove Products and change their quantity. After clicking the "Place an order" button the Customer gets to the Registration page, where the Service offers an unauthorized customer to Register, and an authorized Customer — to authorize.

5.2. When you are making an Order, it is necessary to fill in the field "Full postal address (including the index) for the order delivery". At the request of the Customer it is possible to specify the article, brand, color, size, number of items included in the set of the purchased Products and comments to the Order.

5.3. The order can be cancelled, edited or supplemented by the Customer in whole or in part at any time prior to payment. After payment of the Order changes in the Order (cancellation of products, change of properties of product) are not made. Adding Products to the paid Order is possible until the confirmation of sending the Order, when adding Products to the order after its formation, the terms of delivery of the products are counted again from the date of adding the last Product to the Order.

5.4 The website administration does not guarantee The customer the presence of the Seller (the possibility of purchase) of the ordered Products and the presence of the selected dimension, color and completeness of the Products. In the absence of the ordered products in the warehouse of the Seller or if the products Seller does not comply with the stated delivery time, resulting in delayed execution of the Customer's Order, the website Administration has the right to cancel the specified product from the Customer's Order, and notify the Customer by sending an email or at the address specified during registration or directly

5.5 When making an Order, the Customer specifies the sizes in accordance with the information about the Product specified by the Seller (if individual parameters are not necessary), and in some cases also the color of the Product and additional characteristics. The website administration is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the supplier in the Product description on the dimension, color, quality and other parameters.

5.6. All information materials presented on the Website are for reference only and cannot fully convey accurate information about the properties and characteristics of the Products, including colors, sizes and shapes. In case the Customer has any questions concerning the properties and characteristics of the Products, before placing the Order, the Customer should contact the website Administration asiaoptom.com for clarification.

6. Delivery

6.1. Delivery of Products to the Customer is carried out by the company or its authorized agents.

6.2. The delivery times listed on the Website are for informational purposes and do not take into account unforeseen circumstances on the part of the Delivery Service.

6.3. Website administration asiaoptom.com not responsible for the delivery time and/or failure to receive The products by the Customer in the case of providing the Customer with the wrong delivery address and/or postal code and the wrong name and/or the name of the recipient.

6.4. Methods of delivery of Products are listed on the Website in the section "delivery and payment".

6.5. Upon delivery, the Products are delivered to the Customer or to the person specified as the recipient of the Products.

7. Payment for goods

7.1. The price of the Products specified on the Website is approximate and is subject to specification at the Seller of products. The price of the ordered and paid for Products by the Customer is not subject to change.

7.2. Methods of Payment are listed on the Website under "delivery and payment ".

7.3. After placing the order, the Customer makes a prepayment in the amount of the cost of Products and delivery in China. The moment of receipt of payment for the order is considered to be the moment of acceptance of the offer by the Customer and the conclusion of the agreement between the Customer and the website Administration in respect of the execution of the order under the terms of this Agreement.

7.4. If the actual price of the Products will be different from the price stated by the Seller at the time of ordering the products by the Customer, the website Administration at the first opportunity to inform the Customer to confirm or remove from the order of the Products. If it is impossible to contact the Customer within a week from the date of creation of the Order, the Order for the purchase of this Product is considered to be canceled.

7.5. The website administration does not credit the Customer, does not buy the Products in debt, does not send parcels in debt.

7.6. When paying for the Order by the Customer, the transfer fee is paid by the Customer.

7.7. If payment is not made within 7 days after placing the Order, the Order is considered to be canceled by the Customer and removed from the personal account. If partial payment is made within the specified period, the Customer is provided with a 7-day period for payment in full. The order that has not been paid in full within 7 days is considered to be canceled by the Customer and the website Administration shall transfer the funds received in payment for such order to the Customer's Personal account.

7.8. The order is accepted for processing (transferred to the supplier in China or Hong Kong) only after the customer's funds are credited to the company's account. In this case, the Products under the Order are not reserved, and the asiaoptom.com administration cannot guarantee the availability of Products in the warehouse of the Seller, specified at the time of Ordering.

7.9. Features of payment for Products by Bank cards

7.9.1. In accordance with the regulations of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation "on the issue of Bank cards and transactions made using payment cards" dated 24.12.2004 №266-P transactions on Bank cards are made by the cardholder or an authorized person.

7.9.2. Authorization of operations on Bank cards is carried out by the Bank. If the Bank has reason to believe that the transaction is fraudulent, the Bank has the right to refuse to carry out this operation. Responsibility for such operations is determined by the current criminal legislation of the Russian Federation.

7.10. Asiaoptom.com website administration has the right to provide the Customer rebate program.

7.11. When marketing activities are carried out by the seller of products, involving the investment of any objects in the Customer's orders, the delivery of these investments is carried out at the expense of the Customer. To opt out of the attachment the Customer has to contact support to work with customers in www.asiaoptom.com website.

8. Formation of parcels and delivery of products

8.1. After receipt of payment, the website Administration begins to provide services for the execution of the Order, which includes the purchase of Products from the Seller, delivery to the warehouse of the website Administration in the country of purchase, consolidation of Products in one parcel, packaging, quality control (if there is a preliminary agreement), weighing and sending Products through the delivery service from the list published on the Website. If the size or weight of the Products exceeds the restrictions set by the postal services, or the number or properties of the Products do not allow them to be sent in one parcel, the Products are distributed by the website Administration to several parcels, as the website Administration informs the Customer through The personal account.

8.2. If the size or weight of the Products exceeds the permissible and the products are indivisible, the website Administration has the right to refuse to supply the Products to the Customer.

8.3. Purchase Of products from the Seller is made within 5 (five) working days from the date of Payment.

8.4. Information about the stages of Order execution and the actions required to continue the provision of services to the Customer is provided to the customer by the website Administration through The personal account.

8.5. The delivery time of the products from the Seller to the warehouse of the Contractor depends on the conditions of the Seller. The control period for the delivery of products to the warehouse of the website Administration is 14 (fourteen) working days from the date of purchase of the products from the Seller.

8.6. If the delivery time of the products exceeds 14 (fourteen) working days, the website Administration notifies the customer and buys products with a longer delivery time after the customer's acceptance in The personal account.

8.7. The average order processing time from the moment of payment receipt to the moment of sending the parcel is from 6 to 14 working days. In case the customer makes changes to the list of products or terms of delivery, the period of services is increased, as the website Administration informs the customer through The personal account.

8.8. In the presence of a preliminary agreement, the website Administration undertakes to check the compliance of the products delivered by the Seller with the characteristics specified in the Order (name/article, quantity, size, color, presence on the products of signs of the former/not used) according to the accompanying information to the products, taking into account the possibility of violation of color reproduction in the image of the products on the Website.

8.9. The website administration does not assume any other obligations to verify the compliance of the products delivered by the Seller and their quality to the products ordered by the customer. The website administration does not check the products received from the Seller for compliance with the characteristics declared by the Seller and, in case of the Seller's error, is not responsible for the non-compliance of the products with the Order conditions.

8.10. In case the Customer specifies incorrect data for the delivery of the products, the website Administration has the right to recover the costs incurred for the delivery and return of the products.

8.11. The cost of delivery of products is calculated individually after processing the Application.

8.12. Payment for the delivery of the Customer's products is made separately from the payment of the products themselves.

8.13. In case of shortage of funds on the Customer's Personal account, the transfer of the parcel to the delivery service will be delayed until the Customer repays the debt. The website administration undertakes to transfer the Packed parcel with the Customer's products to the delivery service, which the Customer indicated.

8.14. Services are considered to be fully provided by the website Administration from the moment of receipt and verification of completeness of The products by the Customer.

8.15. The website administration is not responsible for the actions of mail, courier services and transport companies and can not affect the speed of delivery.

8.16. In case of non-compliance with the terms of delivery by the carrier chosen by the Customer when Ordering the products, the website Administration has the right to give it to another carrier, which will deliver it in the same time and on the same terms as the selected carrier.

8.17. A prerequisite for the delivery of the products is its insurance. Insurance costs are paid by the transport company and included in the shipping cost.

9. Rights and Obligations of the website Administration

9.1. Website administration undertakes:

9.1.1. To provide services to the Customer, as well as to fulfill the Customer's requirements related to the performance of these services, if these requirements do not contradict this Agreement.

9.1.2. To keep the data provided by the Customer confidential and not to disclose them to third parties, if it is not required to fulfill the terms of this Agreement, in accordance with the privacy Statement posted on the Website.

9.1.3. Provide the Customer with information on the execution of orders specified in this Agreement.

9.1.4. Pack the Customer's products received at the warehouse according to the information that the Customer specified when placing the Order.

9.1.5. To pay for the products specified by the Customer to the Seller of the products, on its own behalf, but at the expense of the Customer, provided that the Seller delivers the products to the warehouse of the website Administration.

9.1.6. To compensate the Customer's losses on his application, only if the claimed losses were the result of errors made by the website Administration staff. In this case, the amount of compensation may not exceed the Commission of the site Administration.

9.1.7. Take to your warehouse the products delivered by the delivery service from the Seller.

9.2. The website administration has the right:

9.2.1. Change the method of delivery of the products, if the Customer's parcel by weight or size cannot be sent by the method of delivery that the Customer specified.

9.2.2. Suspend the provision of services in case of lack of information necessary for the provision of services or doubts about its reliability.

9.2.3. Change the tariffs and terms of service unilaterally, notifying Customers by posting changes on the Website. All changes take effect 2 days after they are published on the Website.

9.2.4. To refuse to purchase any of the products without giving reasons.

10. Rights and Obligations of the Customer

10.1. The Customer undertakes:

10.1.1. Timely and fully provide accurate information necessary for the provision of services by the website Administration.

10.1.2. Timely and in full to pay for the cost of the ordered products, the cost of their delivery and services of the website Administration.

10.1.3. To keep all documents proving payments to the Administration of the website, to depositing funds to the account of the Customer.

10.1.4. Read the information for the Customer published on the Website, track in Your account information and messages about the status (status) of their Orders and respond to requests of the website Administration in a timely manner, including if a response is required to continue to provide the website Administration services.

10.1.5. See the list of products prohibited for shipment by delivery services and the terms of customs clearance of products ordered in online stores.

10.2. The Customer has the right:

10.2.1. Independently carry out the selection of products on the Website.

10.2.2. Independently choose the method of payment for the products specified on the Website.

10.3. The customer agrees to receive information about the activities of OOO "Useoption" SMS notifications to mobile phone and e-mail, specified during registration in the personal area.

11. Intellectual property

11.1. All text information and graphic images on the website asiaoptom.com are the property of asiaoptom.com website Administration.

12. Guarantees and liability

12.1. Asiaoptom.com website administration, is not responsible for the damage caused to the Customer due to improper use of the products ordered on the website.

12.2. Asiaoptom.com website administration is not responsible for the lack of any technical and licensing documentation upon delivery of The products by the Seller.

12.3. Asiaoptom.com website administration is not responsible for the content and operation of External websites.

12.4. Asiaoptom.com website administration has the right to assign, or in any other way transfer its rights and obligations arising from its relationship with the Customer to third parties without prior notice to the Customer.

12.5. The customer undertakes not to use the ordered products for illegal purposes. The customer is solely responsible for the purchase and use of the products.

13. Force majeure

13.1. The parties shall be released from liability for partial or complete failure to perform obligations under this Agreement if such failure was a consequence of force majeure arising after the conclusion of the Agreement as a result of extraordinary events that the party could not foresee or prevent by reasonable measures (force majeure). Such events of an emergency nature include: flood, fire, earthquake, explosion, storm, epidemic and other natural phenomena and war or military actions, actions of government bodies, etc.

14. Other conditions

14.1. The relations between the Customer and the asiaoptom.com website administration subject to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

14.2. In case of questions and complaints from the Customer he needs to contact the asiaoptom.com website via the feedback form on the Website. All disputes arising parties will try to resolve through negotiations, if not reaching agreement, the dispute will be referred to the judicial authority in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

14.3. The court's recognition of the invalidity of any provision of this Agreement shall not entail the invalidity of the remaining provisions.

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