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Wholesale purchases from China

AsiaOptom is e-commerce trading platform which helps to perform the wholesale purchases in the domestic market of China. You make an order and we buy out the products from various suppliers and consolidate it in our own warehouses in China. After the compliance test of the products we kit up a one whole cargo which will be shipped to your city. Custom clearance is included in total order cost.

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product categories
m2 of warehouses in China
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4 steps to receive your order

You You create the order on
We contact you to discuss the details and then send you calculations which include the shipping cost
You confirm your order and if needed revise it
We verify if the products are on stock and precise their weight. Then we present you with a bill including the cost of delivery to our consolidation warehouse in China
You Honor a bill
We buy out the products and deliver it to our warehouse. After that we make an exterior compliance check and make the photos of the products.
You check your order, confirm. After this, you pay the delivery to your city.
We pack the one whole parcel and send it to the destination point.

Services of AsiaOptom

Shipping the products from China on a turn-key bases
Searching of the suppliers and buying out the goods
Compliance test performing
Clients support
Multilangual and suitable site
Capacity of making an order from any gadget
What do our clients speak about us?
Wonderful! Everything is just wonderful! Before contact AsiaOptom I have been looking for the intermediaries who could buy out the goods for the certain percent from its cost at least, but no one agreed to buy one type of the goods with low cost (but I wanted to buy little amouts of goods of different types from different suppliers). And also I could know how the goods looks like just approximately and couldn't know its exact characteristics and to see what else does the goods.... Full review
It is not my first order from AsiaOptom☝. The last time I ordered bags and everithing was shipped in a great condition, as I expected. Shipping term was not too long. Special thanks to manager Dmitrii Galkin, he solves any task very quickly.. Full review
We used to collaborate directly with Cargo but after the "crysis" we stoped to purchase the goods from China. From 2016 this need appeared again because the situation became more stable. But we didn't find our supplier and to contact the others would be risky. We made our first trial order. Everything is great. The company doesn't take much ( as I calculated it's about 20 percent), BUT you don't need to set up a currency accaunt and.... Full review
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